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Biotechnical Soil Stabilization

Salix specializes in Biotechnical Soil Stabilization.  Live materials, specifically vegetation, may be used to control erosion and provide geotechnical stabilization to slopes and stream banks.  When vegetation is properly incorporated into construction projects, it can enhance wildlife habitat and be aesthetically pleasing.  However, even with today’s increased environmental sensitivity, there persists a noticeable reluctance to use vegetative methods in preference to the well-established practices employed in conventional civil engineering.  This is most likely due to a lack of training or lack of personal experience in a relatively new field.  Practitioners of biotechnical soil stabilization are realizing that "soft" engineering techniques can often be as effective as "hard" ones.  In many cases, biotechnical techniques are more cost-effective than conventional structural techniques, especially when long-term maintenance and repair is factored in.  Frequently, aesthetic and environmental design concerns can be addressed with the inclusion of biotechnical techniques at a nominal additional expense.  Salix has developed a compendium of biotechnical techniques and typical drawings available on CD, Bio Draw 3.0. 

To visit Bio Draw's website and try a test drive, go to: Award Winning Projects.  E-SenSS won the 2005 IECA Excellence in Technology Award, the Whiskeytown Logging Road Removal Project won the National Park Foundation Environmental Conservation Award in 1999, and Erosion Draw won the IECA Technological Advancement Award in 1994.



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Caltrans Geyserville Bridge Project on the Russian River, Napa CAGeyserville Caltrans Bridge Project

Stillwater Creek Bank Stabilization Redding CA Shasta College CAStillwater Creek Bank Stabilization

stillwater creek streambank stabilizationTara Petti and John McCullah in action.



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