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Welcome to Erosion Draw!


Erosion Control Manual and Software for Engineers, Landscape Architects, Environmental Engineers, Designers, Government Agencies and Design/Build Contractor/Developers....

Erosion Draw details more than 40 Best Management Practices for Erosion Control and Sediment Control on the jobsite, detailed drawings in popular CAD and word processor formats, ready to "plug-in" to your plans! If your professional responsibilities include controlling Erosion and Sedimentation, you need to know about...

Erosion Draw 5.0


Save time and money...

With Erosion Draw's CD Manual of Best Management Practices "CAD Ready" Typical Drawings. Erosion Draw also has over 125 color photos demonstrating proper applications of erosion control BMPs.

With Erosion Draw... a collection of CAD drawing files of key design features such as ENERGY DISSIPATOR, GRASS-LINED CHANNELS, RIPRAP, STREAMBANK STABILIZATION, and GABIONS. The typical drawings include dimensions, sections, and construction details which are ready (or easily modified) to insert into your site design plan.

Erosion Draw is currently being used and recommended by Agencies and DOT's from across the country. Federal, State, and Local Agencies, including Corps of Engineers, BLM, U.S. Navy, NRCS, Fish & Game, Water Quality Districts, Public Works, and various Departments of Transportation!

Civil Engineers, Landscape Architects, CPESC's, Environmental Engineers and many other professionals in the private sector already use Erosion Draw to enhance their planning capabilities in this increasingly critical specialty.

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